Built to be Green

Building a Sustainable Future

At Tastemakers, we believe in building a sustainable future. That’s why we designed and built our facility with the environment in mind. From our “cool roof” to our under-slab insulation, every aspect of our building is engineered to operate with maximum energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint for decades to come.

Experience the Benefits of our Eco-Friendly Design

When you visit Tastemakers, you’ll see the benefits of our eco-friendly design firsthand. Our 215 solar panels, mounted on the  roof, provide 70-80% of our electricity usage, cutting energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint. We also have a water fountain and bottle filler that eliminates the need for disposable plastic bottles, helping to reduce waste and pollution.

Sustainable Daily Operations

We take sustainability seriously in our daily operations. We donate surplus food, compost organic waste, and recycle to reduce our carbon footprint. Our insulation, installed throughout the building shell and under-slab, exceeds 2018 DC building codes for U-value, ensuring that our facility stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing energy consumption.

Energy-Efficient Design

Our building is also designed to provide plenty of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Our windows use double-pane, low-E-coated glass to minimize heat loss. We have an ultra-efficient hot water heater with a timer switch and circulating pumps that keep water and heat waste at a minimum. Our partnership with Compost Cab ensures that food waste is composted and not sent to the landfill.

Environmental Responsibility

At Tastemakers, we are committed to being a leader in environmental responsibility. From our energy-efficient 3-phase electrical wiring used for all larger appliances to our 100% high-efficiency, low K-value LED lights, we strive to reduce our impact on the planet. And our comprehensive recycling program produces more weekly recycling and compost by volume than landfill waste.

Visit Tastemakers

If you’re looking to run your business in an eco-friendly building designed to save energy, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices, Tastemakers is the place to visit. We’re proud of our environmentally responsible design and invite you to experience it for yourself.

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