Built to be Green


When we built Tastemakers, we didn't just want a modern facility in a beautiful building. From the "cool roof" to the under-slab insulation, every aspect of Tastemakers was engineered to operate with maximum energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint for decades to come. In our daily operations, we shrink that footprint even more by donating surplus food, composting organic waste and recycling.

  • Solar panels mounted on south roof provide 30-50% (depending on the sun) of our 2018 electricity usage
  • Water fountain & bottle filler eliminates disposable plastic bottles
  • All-new insulation installed throughout building shell and under-slab exceeds 2018 DC building codes for U-value
  • New "cool roof" installed in 2017 with high solar reflectance and continuous isoboard insulation
  • All-new windows use double-pane, low-E coated glass to reduce heat loss and keep lighting needs low with plentiful natural light
  • Ultra-efficient hot water heater with timer switch & circulating pumps keeps water and heat waste at a minimum
  • Food waste is donated to local charities or composted in partnership with Fat Worm Compost 
  • Energy-efficient 3-phase electrical wiring used for all larger appliances
  • 100% of lighting is high-efficiency, low K-value LED lights
  • Tastemakers' comprehensive recycling program produces more weekly recycling & compost by volume than landfill waste